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about me

hi. i’m Grace,

  • …a current senior at Carleton College.
  • …a Studio Arts Major and Educational Studies minor
  • …a dual-citizen; Ontario, Canada is now my home of four years, having lived in Maryland before that.
  • …a dog mom to my Bichon-Yorkie baby, Artie.
  • …a passionate mental health advocate.
  • …an extroverted introvert; loves a good party but needs at least 3 full business days to recoup.
  • …a foodie, with particular soft spots for dim sum, Thai cuisine, Korean soft tofu stew, garlic naan, and all desserts.
  • …and I have a severe fear of heights, loneliness, and uncertainty.
  • …a queer Asian-American woman.
  • …a washed up three-sport varsity athlete.
  • …an older sister to the best brother in the world.
  • …an insomniac with chronic fatigue.
  • …the daughter of two South Korean immigrants who met and fell in love at my aunt’s wedding.
  • …someone who’s fear of failure used to make her give up before she even started.
  • …someone who wants to make a difference, while also making a lot of money.
  • …an avid baker, but only of cookies.
  • …a romantic and idealist who daydreams often.
  • …a “gym-rat” in the making.
  • …someone who prefers re-watching movies than seeing new ones.
  • …and I am most most empowered by my resilience and kindness.
  • …(pending)…

and now it’s your turn. who are you?